Virtual School Teacher
  • Presents activities, manages pacing, rigor, etc.
  • Interacts with students and their facilitators
  • Undertakes assessment, grading, etc.

International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL) National Standards of Quality for Online Teaching

A set of non-research based standards designed to provide teachers with guidelines for the delivery of K-12 online courses.

Good Practice to Inform Iowa Learning Online

A funded initiative to create research-based case studies that examined issues related to teaching K-12 courses in a virtual school environment.

Michigan Online Teaching Case Studies

A series of case studies based upon pedagogical issues related to online teaching faced by teachers from the Michigan Virtual School.

Elizabeth Murphy's "E-Teaching in the Virtual High School Classroom" TeacherTube channel

A federally-funded project designed, in part, to create resources that could be used by teachers as case studies for teaching online (particularly in a synchronous environment).

Murphy with Rodríguez-Manzanares or Coffin

A series of studies examining teacher perceptions on a variety of issues related to teaching K-12 online courses based on a sample of virtual school teachers from across Canada.


An interview study with a convenient sample of Michigan Virtual School teachers that examines what those teachers believe to be affective teaching strategies.