Virtual School Site Facilitator
  • Local mentor and advocate for students(s)
  • Proctors & records grades, etc.

Often referred to as school-based teacher, mediating teacher or, simply facilitator. In their evaluation of the ACCESS Alabama online program, Roblyer, Freeman, Stabler and Schneidmiller (2007) found that “facilitators that are directly working with students day by day are key to the success of the program” (p. 11).

Teacher Education Goes Into Virtual School (TEGIVS)

A federally-funded project out of Iowa State University that, among other things, has created five multimedia scenarios that are designed to introduce teachers to the potential and some of the issues faced by school-based teachers in a virtual school environment.

Davis, Roblyer, et al.

The published research that came out of the TEGIVS project. Copies of presentations, articles and reports that describe the three roles teachers must be prepared to undertaken in a virtual school environment and evaluate the effectiveness of the curricular materials (including the scenarios above).

Barbour & Mulcahy

A series of research studies examining the nature of the responsibilities and time commitment of the site facilitator or mediating teacher with one province-wide virtual school in Canada. In this particular virtual school, mediating teachers were given to a teacher in addition to their regular teaching load and teachers were not compensated for that additional burden.

WSU - IT6230: Internet in the Classroom Course

Unit 1 - Generational Differences

Unit 2 - Web 2.0 Tools

  • blogging, RSS, wikis, microblogging, social networking, social bookmarking, online collaborative tools, online presentation tools

Unit 3 - Virtual Schooling